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Intercultural Youth Scotland (IYS) is Scotland’s leading charity for young Black and young people of colour (BPoC) in Scotland. IYS is a Black and PoC-led organisation with our programmes all having developed from direct consultation with our network of Youth Ambassadors. We are a community, a service and a voice for BPoC young people, providing a safe space and place to nurture the talents. Our services cover a wide range from Youth Work, Education, Employability and Mental health.

We are experts on the challenges facing BPoC young people, based on our extensive years of youth work experience, our direct connection with young people and our own personal experiences. We use this unique position to ensure accountability in decision making spaces that affect the lives of Black and PoC young people. We are currently a leading partner in Scottish Government policy reform in the areas of education, employability and human rights. In these spaces, IYS is one of the only organisations working directly with BPoC young people, giving our charity a great understanding and awareness of how our presence makes a significant difference in the outcome of the processes and the impact on the lives of BPoC young people in Scotland.

Some of our most significant impacts have been within the areas of education, employability and human rights.

  • Developing a year-long class on anti-racism, which we are currently delivering in secondary schools across Edinburgh and Glasgow, through our Pro-Black, Anti-Racist Education Programme.
  • Supporting countless BPoC children and young people to find community and solidarity, to grow their talents, and to find opportunities, through our Youth Work and Restless Natives Programmes.
  • Launching Scotland's only free, fully-funded Mental Health Service for BPoC children and young people. If you need to refer yourself or someone else, you can do so here
  • Playing a central role in creating youth-led antiracist change in the Scottish Government, through our youth-led reports and as activists in decision-making spaces such as the Young Person's Guarantee and high-level reforms of Scotland's Education and Youth Work sectors.
  • Putting BPoC young people at the heart of research with long-lasting impact on Scotland, by supporting our Youth Researchers to co-develop and take a leading role in the National Consultation on Empire, Slavery and Scotland's Museums.

All of our involvement in these processes were crucial in ensuring that young Black and POC voices were being heard. By continuing to shape, disrupt and improve these processes, we aim to build a Scotland that is a safe and welcoming place to grow up for Black and PoC young people.

About us

Our Governance

IYS' Senior Leadership team
Khaleda Noon
Jovan Rao Ryder
Chidera Chukwujekwu
Ndaye Lisa Badji
IYS'  Board
Satwat Rehman

Chair of IYS. Experienced third sector senior manager, served on several boards and skilled in governance, strategy and policy, service development and delivery. Worked across a number of policy areas with a focus on anti-poverty, social justice, duality and inclusion. Brings management and leadership expertise to the organisation - supporting strategic planning, development of effective financial and planning systems, monitoring and evaluation.
Grant Aidoo Nash

Board member of IYS since March 2021. 5 years of experience working in the financial services industry across a number of different roles.  Brings expertise around management, strategy and business building as well as leadership experience.  Working with the IYS CEO in a mentorship capacity helping to manage the rapid expansion the team is going through.
Nhabeela Rahmatullah (Intern secretary)

Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service Nhabeela is a Procurator Fiscal and works for the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service. She has 20 years' experience in the legal sector. She previously worked as a trustee for the Refugee Survival Trust and Amina. She is an Equality Ambassador both at work and externally and over the years has led a number of campaigns raising awareness of hate crime, Islamophobia, disability, and gender-based violence. She continues to support and work in collaboration with other agencies in supporting local communities and groups. She has been a mentor for law students and has also participated in the IYS mentoring program.
Sonia Napolitano

Graduated in Business and Management at Abertay University. Here she discovered her passion for fashion, creative producing and service design, creating her Modelling and Styling brand StyledSo.    Prior to the opening of V&A Dundee, she played a key role in the co-design of the museum’s large-scale televised 3D Festival. One of the first employed Black member of the team in this area of work. She since continued to co-produce programmes of talks and workshops  and as a role-model for young people.   Following her involvement in the first-ever EduJam three-day global service design jam focused on education, she studied Service Design with the Interaction Design Foundation and joined the Service Design in Education committee. Here she led a remote Service Design project to improve the Service Design in Education Network.
Campbell Yates (Treasurer)

Treasurer for IYS. His career is in Real Estate Law required him to have accountancy, finance and business knowledge which helps in this role. He provides financial updates to ensure the charity continues to head in a good financial direction

Participation and

IYS Improves representation and participation of disengaged young BPOC Scots through bridging the gap in youth services, wider BPOC communities and politics.

Effective Provision

IYS is the leading expert in Young BPOC Scots, providing ongoing direct specialist support, social justice and vital pathways with a focus on nurturing talent showcasing BPOC grass root gifts!

Anti-racist and Pro
Black Education

Support young BPOC Scots to have pride, understand and stand up for their rights, challenge inequality and be active challenging racism and discrimination.

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