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Intercultural Youth Scotland's Mental Health Service
We offer counselling for Black and People of Colour (BPoC) children and young people, aged 12-25 based in Scotland.
Counselling or therapy aims to create a safe space for you to discuss anything that may be causing you distress, concern or uneasiness, is not limited to any specific subject, life event or experience.
The service is delivered by specialised counsellors who all have an understanding of racial trauma and centre race and racism in their practice. You can access our counselling service online, with up to 12 confidential and free counselling sessions available, depending on your needs.

If one to one counselling doesn’t feel like your thing, the mental health service is busy developing more informal spaces through group therapeutic activities, social prescribing, wellbeing and mental health education and maintenance. We will update you as soon as those start to happen.
Self Referral form!
If you have questions about the self-referral form or the service please use:

Counselling or mental health support with IYS is not crisis intervention. So that means if you need help right now, please contact:
Call 111 or ask for an urgent appointment with you GP.
If you just need to talk right now :
Young Minds
Intercultural Youth Scotland counsellors and practitioners are committed to speaking openly about issues of race, racism and how those affect young people's lived experience and mental health.

Effective Provision

IYS is the leading expert in Young BPOC Scots, providing ongoing direct specialist support, social justice and vital pathways with a focus on nurturing talent showcasing BPOC grass root gifts!

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