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Based on our experience working with BPoC children and young people, IYS has recognised a clear unmet need in terms of mental health support that acknowledges their experiences, challenges and traumas.

IYS offers a specialised service for Black and People of Colour (BPOC) children and young people, aged 12-25. The service is online, confidential and free. Consisting of specialised 1-1 weekly online sessions, ranging from; 1 additional session after the assessment session, up to 12 counselling sessions depending on the needs of the young person. This will be decided between the young person and the counsellor. The service is delivered by specialised counsellors who all have an understanding of racial trauma and centre race and racism in their practice. 

We believe mental health services for BPOC youth must be:

  • Free of charge or offer sliding scale fees so that young people in difficult financial situations should not be a barrier to accessibility. 
  • Mental health services for BPoC children and young people must be committed to speaking openly about issues of race, racism and how those affect young people's lived experience and mental health. 
  • Mental health services for BPoC children and young people should put particular effort into engaging parts of the community that are underrepresented, like BPoC boys and young men and BPoC LGBT+ and Queer Youth.

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IYS is the leading expert in Young BPOC Scots, providing ongoing direct specialist support, social justice and vital pathways with a focus on nurturing talent showcasing BPOC grass root gifts!

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