Restless Natives

Intercultural Youth Scotland's Career Support Service
Restless Natives is IYS’ career team made up of BPoC practitioners. We are here to help you find your feet in the world of work!
Our dedicated team helps young Black people and people of colour 14-26 with support at every stage of their journey in securing their next career, education, training or volunteering opportunity. When you submit an interest form, one of our practitioners will contact you and arrange a 1-1 session to learn more about your interests and what hopes you have for the future (’s okay if you don't know!) We then help connect you with opportunities in industry, get you on a work placement, develop a business plan with you or help build your confidence until you feel comfortable taking the next step. It’s tailored to you and what you need from us! In the past, we have supported young people into careers including medicine, acting, journalism and writing, engineering and tech. Our practitioners can run mock-interview sessions for your upcoming big interview, help you get the soft skills you need to thrive in the workplace, set you up with an industry mentor and more!

We regularly put out exclusive internships just for you and have previously developed paid internships with Scottish Ballet, Edinburgh International Book Festival & Edinburgh World Heritage. If you are interested in an internship, get in touch and we can find you a role.

The career service is funded by DYW and currently runs in two schools in Edinburgh and two schools in Glasgow, as well as our out of school support. We support the Young Person’s Guarantee - see here to learn more about the commitment.
Still unsure if we are for you? If you need help:

- Looking for a new job
- Dealing with anxiety and building confidence
- UCAS admissions & getting into university
- Landing an apprenticeship
- With parents & guardians who may have cultural and language barriers and need support to understand options
- Finding a post-grad role
- CV & Cover Letter writing
- Accessing workplace or school accommodations for deaf / disabled young PoC
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IYS is the leading expert in Young BPOC Scots, providing ongoing direct specialist support, social justice and vital pathways with a focus on nurturing talent showcasing BPOC grass root gifts!

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