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Intercultural Youth Scotland's Advocacy
Young Black People and People of Colour are at the core of everything IYS does. Through our advocacy work, we make sure their voices are heard by policy-makers and in key decision-making processes and advocate for them to have a space to do so themselves.
For too long, the voices of young BPOC have gone unheard, and policy-makers have been comfortable with incremental change. IYS are pushing for equitable support and funding and specialist services for young Black People and People of Colour across Scotland to ensure these changes are long term and meaningful.

We have been involved in the Anti-Racism in Education Programme (AREP) run by the Scottish Government Learning Directorate since its inception late 2020. The purpose is to create an integrated whole school approach to Anti-racism in the education system across Scotland, that has been contributed to by a wide range of stakeholders across all education including the voices of the BPoC community in every avenue. The work of AREP  focuses on 4 main streams:
- Diversity in the Teaching Profession

- School Leadership and Professional learning

- Curriculum Reform

- Racism, racist incidents and Bullying
We partnered with Museums & Galleries Scotland (MGS) on the Scottish Government’s national consultation on Empire, Slavery and Scotland’s museums (ESSM). This high profile project involves BPoc young people in the design, development and implementation of a consultation with BPoC communities across Scotland. The consultation looks at how the story of Scotland’s involvement in the British Empire, colonialism and transatlantic slavery should be told using museum collections. The consultation is being conducted by a series of focus groups covering a dynamic range of intersectional identities within Bpoc communities across Scotland, ensuring that everyone has their opportunity to shape this historic and monumental project.
Read the report
- As part of the Young Person’s Guarantee Implementation Group, we’re pushing for equitable support for Black and POC school leavers through our Restless Natives program.

- Our involvement in the the UNCRC Bill call for views with the Equalities and Human Rights committee into better integration of these rights into the daily lives of BPoC young people in Scotland

- We are pushing for changes in education policy to better serve our young people by co-facilitating key stakeholders with the aim for a whole school anti-racism approach, working with Scottish Government and the Deputy First Minister.

- As part of the Gender Equality Taskforce for Education and Learning we’re contributing to an intersectional perspective on gender inequality.

- We’re working with Children in Scotland and GTCS to improve diversity in views of education in Scotland.

- We’re advocating for better Mental Health services for young Black People and People of Colour
If you have any questions or enquiries, please use the contact form below and a member of the Advocacy team will be in touch.
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