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Covid-19 in Kenya

Louise Walwand
July 30, 2020

Corona virus has had a huge impact economically and physically in countries all around the world. As of the 20.7.20, Kenya has had 13'771 confirmed cases of Covid-19, and have 238 deaths. So far Kenyan schools are to stay closed until 2021, and the country is struggling to refund school fees.

The virus has taken a huge toll on the country's economy and the virus is crushing tourism in the country which is jeopardizing wildlife conservations across the country as with not having many visitors as they normally get they are not getting the money they need to help the animals part of the conservation sites.

The pandemic also may widen the already existing inequalities for Kenyan women. A quote from a female business owner, Omari says in an interview with IPS:
“It is very difficult to run a business as a woman. In the beginning I could not even access credit because financial institutions did not take me seriously. I had to learn to spend 15 percent of every coin I made, and save 85 percent to plough back into the business. Women do not access loans easily because of strict collateral requirements

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