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Get Paid! Become an Anti-Racist Education Ambassador

Intercultural Youth Scotland
October 24, 2023

Join the Anti-Racism in Education Progamme with IYS

Young Black People and People of Colour are at the core of everything IYS does. Through our advocacy work, we make sure their voices are heard by policy-makers and in key decision-making processes and advocate for them to have a space to do so themselves.

Our Advocacy Team have worked tirelessly with the Scottish Government to create safe pathways for communication and Anti-Racism policy implementation fronted by young people of colour. The team are delighted to open this opportunity to all BPoC young people between 16-20 residing in Scotland in the form of AREP – Anti-Racism in Education Programme.

If you interested in vocalising your views and passionate about eradicating racism from our schools and you want to shape national policy by working alongside the Anti-Racism in Education Programme; then we want to hear from you.  

Who is Intercultural Youth Scotland looking for?

Intercultural Youth Scotland are looking for young Black People and People of Colour (aged 16-20) to take part in a youth panel looking at the Scottish Government’s work so far on the Anti-Racism in Education Programme (AREP). Please note, this is a paid opportunity. We want to hear your views on the plans to improve the experiences of learners of colour and give you the chance to speak to the people who are responsible for creating change. The panel will cover racism + racist incidents, potential changes to the school curriculum, diversity in the teaching profession and the professional learning educators + staff do. Gain knowledge about anti-racist principles, policy making in Scotland as well as skills in advocacy and teamwork. At IYS we are passionate about supporting you to get your voice heard. You’ll also have access to IYS’s other free services such as mental health support, employability support and youth work activities.  

What is AREP?

The Scottish Government set up the Anti-Racism in Education Programme (AREP) after the revival of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 when lots of members of the public got in touch with the government urging them to act. A group of experts looking into how COVID-19 affected Ethnic Minorities also recommended the government specifically look at education and how Black history is represented in the curriculum. The programme consists of a Programme Board with representation from a range of teachers, education and anti-racism experts as well as local authorities and government officials. One of the aims of the programme is to work with Black and PoC young people to ensure they have their voices heard and can feed into the decision-making and implementation of this group's overall aims. The programme’s work is divided into four themes.

  • curriculum reform  
  • racism and racist incidents
  • diversity in the teaching profession and education workforce
  • education leadership and professional learning

What will you have to do?

You will attend two online meetings per month between November and May. We will pay you the real living wage for this.

You’ll contribute your thoughts, ideas and experiences to national decision makers on education.

You will get to part in co-design and give your views on how young people should be involved in education policy in the future  

How do young people sign up?

Fill out our application form here and tell us in a paragraph why you want to be involved

The deadline to apply is Friday 17th November 2023

Need help applying? Email

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