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"The N Word”

Olivia Clarke
April 13, 2020

A controversial word, meaningless to some but a very powerful  to others. It is always a debate between different races. Who can say it, and who can’t? At the end of the day, everybody can say it, but whether it should be said is the real question.

The word “Negro” a word derived from Spanish and Portuguese quite literally translates to “black”. It was a word used from the 18th century up until the mid 20th century to describe people of African descent. It later faded out of use in the 1970s. Although time has evolved and things have progressed, the word still holds the same meaning, it’s history is still contained within the word. It is still a derogatory name to call black people to this day.

Although it’s not necessarily my place to say who can and can’t say it, I do feel that if you're not black you don't have the right to say it. As I just explained it was used during slavery to supress black people. Black people have gained the power of the word, and is often used in rap music, which was started so that black people could express themselves and have their voices heard. and people could relate to their struggles of being a black person in america.

When i have called people out for saying it, in a song or casually, they don't seem to understand the impact of what they are saying. They think it's just a word, but surely if it's “just a word” then it would be easy for them to just not say it? Another excuse is, that they think it's a word of the past and that “it doesn't have the same meaning now”. Which isn't true, it’s still a racial slur. White people feel “left out” by not being able to say the word. They hate to feel inferior to any other race, because for so long white people have been seen as the superior race. We must learn to all be equal and respect each other's race.

Just because Kanye says it, doesn't mean you can.

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