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"They Cloned Tyrone": A Bold Fusion of Mystery, Sci-Fi, and Comedy

Ash Harper
August 14, 2023

A series of unexpected events sets the stage for "They Cloned Tyrone," a film that masterfully blends elements of blaxploitation sci-fi, and comedy. The exceptional performances by its trio of lead actors – John Boyega as the enigmatic Dope boy Fontaine, Jamie Foxx as the charismatic pimp Slick Charles, and Teyonah Parris as the witty prostitute Yo-Yo – shine throughout this unique cinematic experience. Directed by Juel Taylor, known for his work on "Creed II" and "Space Jam," the film introduces a fresh and intriguing perspective on modern storytelling.

The film's humour is skilfully woven into the narrative, evident in the opening scene between Fontaine and June bug, an immediate example of the significant depth added to each if the movies main characters. References to classic black lead  movies and insightful commentary on cultural perceptions reminiscent of Dave Chappells’s stand-up ‘for what its worth’ are provided throughout. This movie tackles themes of identity, stereotypes, and societal norms head-on. It not only celebrates natural hairstyles that reflect black culture but also challenges conventional beauty standards.

The gritty aesthetic, achieved through grainy footage and low-key lighting, pays homage to the blaxploitation genre while integrating modern sci-fi and mystery elements. Jamie Foxx's portrayal of Slick Charles is a standout, blending iconic personalities with his signature comedic touch.

The dynamic use of the colour purple is used symbolically and complemented by a captivating soundtrack that seamlessly merges classic soul hits with contemporary tunes. This combination contributes to a unique atmosphere in key scenes.

"They Cloned Tyrone" navigates sensitive issues such as vices in black communities, police brutality, and gentrification, incorporating them thoughtfully into the narrative.

Elevators are a recurring motif that adds depth to character development and serves as a bridge between reality and the surreal. The film's expert use of visuals and music enhances the immersive storytelling experience.

In conclusion, "They Cloned Tyrone" is a thought-provoking and entertaining cinematic journey that pushes boundaries and offers a fresh take on contemporary issues. It's a testament to the power of storytelling to make you laugh, relax, celebrate and to challenge norms and stimulate conversations about culture and identity.

By Ash Harper

You can find Ash on Instagram @evo.comb

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